Khadi Natural Hazel Hair Colour

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Volume: 100g

  • Easy to use
  • Long Lasting Colour
  • Strong Healthy Hair
  • Volume and shiny hair
  • Doesn't damage hair
  • Colours sits on the surface of the hair and acts as a glaze around each hair strand
  • Strand test recommended
  • Box contains full instructions on how to colour hair, paste and shower cap
  • 100g colours shoulder length hair


      Khadi herbal hair colour natural hazel contains natural herbs of Amla which helps to stimulate hair growth and Bhringaraj which gives shine to lack lustrous hair. Neem strengthens and conditions hair. Khadi Herbal Hair Colour Natural Hazel is made in India to an old, ayurvedic formula.
      Natural Hazel herbal hair colour, colours hair brown to dark brown and is especially suitable for mid brown shades. Natural Hazel can be mixed with dark brown creating a darker shade or can be mixed with Senna/Cassia for a lighter shade.
      Khadi Herbal Hair Colours, colours your hair in a completely different way to chemical hair colours. The resultant colour depends on your hair texture, the colour of your natural hair and the amount of time the paste is left on your hair.

      Khadi NATURAL HAZEL Herbal Hair Colour is free from:

      • PPD or Ammonia
      • Peroxide
      • Colour Boosters
      • Preservatives

      Why you should try this Khadi Natural Herbal Colour:

      Khadi products are based on the principals of the most ancient teachings of Ayurveda which treats well-being and health as an interlocking whole of mind, body and soul. Thousands of years ago India’s great sages compiled together hundreds of herbs, combining them with oils to heal and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. All khadi products reflect this sentiment of going back to a heritage and tradition which is pure, handmade and incorporates the best from the most ancient principals in the world.

      The recipes and formulas for the khadi products are prepared in India and their unique compositions provide exceptionally high quality, effective hair and body care products. To create such effective products khadi will only use ingredients (e.g. Lawson Inermis and Indigofera Tinctora) from the best growing areas in India.

      How to use

      Please read our dedicated page for a step-by-step instruction on how to use Khadi Herbal Hair Colour.


      Indigo - often referred to as ‘Black Henna’ (while there is a resemblance to henna they are not the same) which produces a blue dye. Indigo can be used with henna to dye the hair black.
      Also contains:
      Lawsonia Inermis (Henna), Emblica Officinalis (Amla), Eclipta Alba (Bhringaraj), AzadirachtaIndica (Neem)

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