Herbal PURE HENNA RED Hair Colour


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  • Easy to use
  • Long Lasting Colour
  • Strong Healthy Hair
  • Volume and shiny hair
  • Doesn’t damage hair

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Khadi Herbal Hair Colour Pure Henna contains pure natural ingredients and is certified natural by BDIH.
Khadi Herbal Hair Colours colours your hair in a completely different way to chemical hair colours. The resultant colour depends on your hair texture, the colour of your natural hair and the amount of time the paste is left on your hair.
Khadi herbal hair colour pure henna contains only henna and no other ingredients and has been prepared in India according to an old, ayurvedic formula.
Pure henna herbal hair colour colours light hair orange to red and dark hair mahogany. Pure henna can be used as a pre-colour treatment when colouring grey hair, before applying the Khadi Herbal Hair Colour of your choice.
Khadi PURE HENNA RED Herbal Hair Colour is free from:
PPD or Ammonia
Colour Boosters

Why you should try this Khadi Natural Herbal Colour:

Khadi products are based on the principals of the most ancient teachings of Ayurveda which treats well-being and health as an interlocking whole of mind, body and soul. Thousands of years ago India’s great sages compiled together hundreds of herbs, combining them with oils to heal and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. All khadi products reflect this sentiment of going back to a heritage and tradition which is pure, handmade and incorporates the best from the most ancient principals in the world.
The recipes and formulas for the khadi products are prepared in India and their unique compositions provide exceptionally high quality, effective hair and body care products. To create such effective products khadi will only use ingredients (e.g. Lawson Inermis and Indigofera Tinctora) from the best growing areas in India.

All ingredients:

Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) – Henna leaves contain a red-orange dye (lawsone), which is found in the central vain of the henna leaf, the lawsone content defines the quality and strength of the colour of any henna product. True henna will only produce a rich red/orange colour, however it may be mixed with other natural ingredients to create various different hair colours.


Do a strand test 24hours before application as this will determine how long the colour should be left on the hair.
Carefully read all the instructions on the leaflet in the Herbal Hair Colour Box
Wash your hair before application of the herbal hair colour to remove all traces of dirt, oil and styling products. Do not use hair products which contain silicone or products designed to nourish the hair such as hair oils as this can coat the hair and prevent the adhesion of the Khadi Herbal Hair Colours.
Protect clothing as stains will be difficult to remove.
Wear disposable gloves to protect hands.
Mix the hair colour powder with water (for temperature of water, refer to the instructions in the box)
Split the hair into 4 sections, more sections if needed.
Apply the paste evenly to each section starting at the roots and working down the lengths of the hair.
Apply remaining paste to hair and massage in.
Cover hair with the disposable shower cap.
Wrap covered hair in towel to keep warm.
Leave hair colour on hair for approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the desired result, as determined by the stand test.
Rinse hair with lukewarm water, until the water runs clear, making sure you remove all the hair colour.
Do not wash or style your hair for 24hours after application as the hair is still developing
Please note that hair colour may get darker as Khadi Herbal Hair Colours can develop for up to 48 hours.

Application on Blonde or Grey Hair:
Before applying khadi herbal hair colour on blonde or grey hair you must follow the 2 step colouring process guide.
Step 1 – Colour the hair with Khadi Herbal Hair Colour Pure Henna or Henna Alma and Jatropha, after removing the hair colour, rinse the hair.
Step 2 – Apply the Khadi Herbal Hair Colour of your choice making sure you follow the application instructions.
If this 2 step guide is not adhered to, it is possible that the hair colour achieved may not be desirable (e.g. the hair may become green or blue).


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