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“Would you like to get and test beauty product for FREE?”Beauty product testers club - beauty bloggers are welcome!

Are you a (professional) beauty blogger or sociable person with loads of followers? We are looking for someone like you!

It is very popular these days – test beauty product and write a review on it. It is very tempting to geat a skincare product absolutely FREE! You should be active on social media and got a plethora of subscribers and/or followers you would be happy to share your experience with. Just fill in an application form below and don’t forget to provide links to your social media accounts. We will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

There is a selection of brands available on our online shop. You may be aware of some of them and others may still hide their benefits from you. We may say that they are already quite popular somewhere else. Why not make your friends and circles aware of them?

If you feel ready to discover new products and find yourself fit for our purpose, please read the most important part of our agreement below. And let’s the magic happen!

We offer delivery around the world and anyone can buy products from us. Hovewer, our beauty product testers club is mainly for bloggers and socially active people who are residents of the United Kingdom. As a result, we may consider bloggers from different countries but this would be under our own discretion.

“Are you able to test beauty product and write a product review?”

Before we start, let’s put it right and honest for you, us and others. There are some things you should know about and agree to.

Main goals of Beauty Product Testers Club:

  • product promotion
  • public awareness

The nature of an honest review is determined by your personal opinion on that product and will not always be positive or in favour of that brand. We totally understand that and we are open to your comments or suggestions.

You may get another product for testing at a later time. If your previous social media activity (i.e. posts, shares, links and reviews) was successful and generated public’s engagements – communications, product awareness, shares, etc., we may consider further co-operation. Please contact us with your request if you are happy to test beauty product again.

Please, read our “Product Testers” section on FAQ page for more information (opens in a new window).




  • guarantee that we do not publish, sell or transfer private information received from you as part of your registration with us;
  • may decide to use all or part of your posts, texts or reviews you published on your social media accounts to be used on our website. We will contact you asking your permission for that;
  • guarantee that the product you get will be provided to you for free. You pay only postage fee once agreed to participate in testing that particular product.

You should leave a product review on our website and you must be a verified customer. In order to do that you will get an email from us with a coupon code which gives you a 100% discount on that selected product. This coupon is for your personal use, it must be used to test beauty product and cannot be redeemed by someone else.

Depending on our agreement with the supplier, we may provide you a product which is initially created for testing purposes or a regular product which we sell to the public. They are both of the same quality but may have a “Tester” label on it.

It is possible to get a special discount or other form of remuneration (free item or third parties gift card) if you recommend us someone who may wish to become a member of our Reviewer’s Club as well.


Please, allow a few weeks to test beauty product before placing any sort of reviews or feedbacks. However, you should write a review or place posts on social media within a month after receiving a product for testing. Please feel free to contact us if you want these dates amended.


  • must provide a link to your posts or reviews for our consideration and statistic purposes;
  • are ready to remove any post (comment, link, image or other sort of information) related to our or third parties brand (logo or images) if we find it disrespectful, offensive, misleading or inappropriate.

You guarantee us that you will not:

  • use inappropriate language in your posts;
  • post content which may violate, abuse or offence other’s personality, privacy or rights;
  • delete your posts or links related to the product you agreed to review at a later stage without our written confirmation;
  • misuse or abuse our and/or third parties intellectual and copyrighted property such as logos, brand names, images, links or social media accounts;
  • disturb your friends (followers or circles) with excessive amount of your posts or shares, i.e. something what may be called spamming with too-frequent and/or repetitive activity. We believe that you are professional and know exactly what you should do. Simply follow the golden rule of posting on social media – less is better than more.

Please fill in Contact Us form including links to your social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram are the most wanted) so we can make sure that you have enough followers and fans to make this product review a success.