Kredo Natur series

Kredo Natur series
KREDO Natur is a multipurpose cosmetic line for the whole family. It is developed on the basis of the Altai Sea Buckthorn oil and Bearberry extract and includes a wide range of products for skin and hair care.

Kredo-natur-logoKREDO Natur series consists of more than 30 products in a sleek and environment friendly packaging. You will find everything your family need, from hair balms and oils to feet creams. As part of the rebranding, KREDO Natur products received a brand new unique and gentle fragrance.

Thanks to its ingredients natural origin, KREDO Natur products firms your skin, nourish and improve it from the depth to its surface. Baby creams calm and soften the skin of toddlers and teenagers. Hair care products strengthen hair roots and improve the structure of hair. Biologically active complex of natural mineral components boosts every ingredient in the product and supports the action of each other.

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All and every product of KREDO Natur series had been subject to:

  • Dermatological test in accordance with „Guidelines of cosmetics and perfumery products tests with reference to the evaluation of sensitivity of human skin” issued by the European Cosmetics Association (COLIPA), 1997.
  • Skin physiological parameters test with German laboratory equipment under dermatologist supervision in accordance with special programme that includes skin parameter tests such as percentage of moisture and fat, transepidermal water loss and skin surface temperature.

and made by manufacturer which:

  • Quality management system is certified according to international standard ISO 9001
  • Good manufacturing practices are certified according to international standard ISO 22716 (GMP)
  • System of environmental management is certified according to international standard ISO 14001
  • Testing laboratory is accredited according to international standard ISO 17025
A bit more about ingredients

All products of KREDO Natur series have a natural base containing Sea Buckthorn extract/oil and Bearberry extract. Natural components enhanced by highly active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, Vitamins A and E, Provitamin B5 and Aloe extract.

No genetically modified products that might be dangerous for your health used in these cosmetic products. Furthermore, Kredo Natur products has no substances that might irritate your skin. That is why our products are good for any age, even by those who have gentle and sensitive skin.

Sea Buckthorn oil is rich in vitamins and provides a healing and anti-inflammatory action for your skin. It increases the shielding properties of the skin, soothes and softens the skin, and, if used in shampoos – strengthens hair structure. Bearberry leaves extract provides antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action and makes skin fresher and younger. A wide range of natural ingredients is the main advantage of KREDO Natur series.

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