Jason. Only goodness goes into our products

Jason. Only goodness goes into our products

Jason. the beginning

jason-products-logoThe 40s and 50s saw the rise of the notion of “Better Living Through Chemistry” (a slogan borrowed from a Dupont advertisement). The beauty industry was also no exception. Big companies played with new chemicals, some of which we are starting to learn the full impact to our health and the environment of, to create perfumed beauty products, petroleum-based hair styling gels, and shellac hairsprays that held every last hair in place.

At JASON, we always thought differently. Shunning these chemicals we took the path to simple, wholesome ingredients proven safer but also shown to work together in naturally effective ways.

Jason believes that what goes into their beauty products is just as important as what stays out of them. It’s a rule they’ve adhered to since 1959 when the company was founded.

JASON set out on their trailblazing mission in 1959 to provide a natural alternative to industrial products for wholesome Californians not convinced by the new, alien ingredients being used, or the skin irritations they caused.

Jason ingredients.

jason-products-rangeWhen developing products, the JASON team is meticulous when selecting ingredients and always stays true to the JĀSÖN Code of Honour:

  • Select safe, gentle and effective ingredients
  • Rigorously test every formula to ensure safety and efficacy
  • Never test on animals
  • Constantly innovate and improve

JASON means “healer” in Greek, the name chosen to reflect the ingredients found in our products. Wholesome, natural ingredients such as apricot oil and wheat protein for shampoos that cleanse whilst adding shine and nourishment; aloe vera and vitamin E for the base of hydrating body lotions that soothe and smooth skin. Peppermint oil and bamboo powder for a whitening toothpaste that freshens and brightens smiles.

JĀSÖN is known for producing wholesome, everyday beauty and personal care products for the head to toe needs of all the family. Jason does not use any synthetic ingredients that harm the environment, irritate the skin or have been tested on or derived from animals.

With their families and futures in mind, JASON created natural but effective formulas to meet the needs of everyone. From head to toes.

Jason products.

We offer Jason products for everyday haircare, hand and body lotions as well as oils, gels, cleansers and moisturizers for your skin.

The variety of Pure Hand and Body Lotions provide long lasting daily moisture for your hand and body. Jason lotions are antioxidant rich and infused with natural plant derived extracts, in addition to vitamins and proteins. Formulated to soften and replenish moisture-starved skin leaving it smooth, soft and silky to touch.

Pure Natural Moisturizing Cremes are the simpler answer to softer, smoother skin. Botanical extracts matched with natural antioxidants and whole vitamins to nourish and revitalise dull, dry skin as well as offering therapeutic relief to complaints such as psoriasis and eczema.

Pure Natural Therapy Gels to provide relief for a variety of ailments such as dryness, irritation, sun damage, inflammation and muscle ache. Formulated with nature’s finest therapeutic ingredients: anti-inflammatory tea tree, soothing aloe vera, cooling menthol, purifying witch hazel and pain-relieving arnica.

Highly potent Pure Natural Skin Oils to treat anything from fine lines and wrinkles to stretch marks and scarring. Featuring undiluted vitamins and antioxidants, these old-fashioned remedies deliver cutting edge results.

Pure natural Hair Care products that are gentle enough for daily use. They deliver on the promise of healthy, beautiful hair without the damaging ingredients found in most hair care products. Moreover, each formula features specific ingredient combinations, botanical extracts and proteins. Just to keep every hair type looking and feeling its very best.

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