about Donum Naturals

about Donum Naturals

nourishes like nature…

Donum Naturals logoDonum is a latin word meaning ‘Gift of God’.
Since God has given us in abundance and created nature, he gave us problems and a solution to these problems too.

Whatever we apply on our skin gets absorbed and is transferred to our blood stream. That is why use of chemical based products loaded with paraffin, alcohol, mineral oils and parabens lead to skin damage and many harmful side effects. Thus, we should switch to natural products and be careful about what we apply on our skin. Donum Naturals range of products is loaded with handpicked high quality natural actives that provide immense benefits to the skin apart from just moisturizing it.

A transformative change in the prevailing environmental and societal arena has also impacted our skincare practices. Furthermore, it has become essential to add natural skincare regime to our beauty bags.

Donum Naturals provides innovative skincare and body treatment solutions. We at Donum Naturals believe that a balanced life is a healthy life, the same philosophy is captured and reflected in all our products.

We have harnessed the goodness of Nature in the pursuit of health and wellness, without harming it.

At Donum our endeavour is to combine traditional values and ancient healing traditions with modern practices to produce the best personal care products. Using our age-old wisdom that works and cutting edge technology, we found a natural way to wellness.

Our values:

Donum makes natural remedies that go through tradition to promote wellness of its customers. We believe that nature’s gentle and caring approach is the best solution for people.

  1. HYGIENE and RECIPROCITY: With one of our strong objective of “Natural Beauty Without Cruelty” we offer a plethora of naturals supporting fair trade and sustainable resources.
  2. ENHANCEMENT: Improving personal appearance and self-confidence. Personal-care products made from fruit and plant extracts, essential oils and herbs. All products are free of parabens, sulphates, and phthalates.
  3. CURATION/THERAPY: Curative needs aligned to prevent disease, cure ailments and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Skin-care lines to heal and restore your skin based on its specific needs.
  4. SEAL OF TRUTH: No false promises. We seek and promise Brand Consistency.
  5. TRANSPERANCY: We have nothing to hide. The products we make are transparent in their ingredients.

Donum Naturals for BABY

“Donum Naturals for baby” is a sulphate-free range of cleansers for kids that protects against harmful chemicals. Furthermore, each product effectively cleanses, nourishes and retains the natural moisture barrier of baby skin. This range of bathing time products are especially formulated with natural vegetable derived and coconut based cleansers that are mild, gentle and doesn’t contain sulphates (SLS & SLES) or parabens. They are suitable to be used for all age groups staring from new-borns to up to 10 year old. Also, it is important to stop using chemical based or sulphate based soaps or body wash for children. They are very harmful and do further damage rather than benefiting your little one. This natural, light foaming, sulphate free formula prevents skin from dryness while disinfecting and retains the natural moisture levels intact.

We know that you want the best for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Harsh chemicals, lotions with artificial ingredients and various hidden additives don’t pass the test of baby approved skincare. You need something gentle, nourishing and effective which is also natural, non-toxic and easy to use. That’s why Donum Naturals is a best choice for parents. Moreover, its formulation is very protective, moisturizing and skin strengthening and also full of skin nutrients which are must-haves for infants and little children to grow healthy and strong bodies.
Moisturizing the skin after bathing is important as the soap strips some of the skin’s naturally protective outer layer. By using products of “Donum Naturals for baby” series, you are not just moisturizing your child’s skin. You are effectively, easily and safely help to maintain that thin outer barrier, which also contributes to happy and healthy skin cells.


Our range of products is based on the belief that Nature is greatest gift to mankind.

Donum Naturals have invested time and money in professional experts to verify and research the magical powers of natural ingredients like Neem, Basil leaf, Aloe-vera, Oatmeal and Argan oil.

We at Donum Naturals are quite excited to share these results, which are simply revolutionary. Our shop offers a comprehensive range of wellness and skin care products that will nourish and bring out the natural beauty of your skin without any harm.


We all know about it. We all have it and we are all part of it and yet we stay oblivious to the same. As you may know, nature is the ultimate secret ingredient. India is going through some of the most historic times in the world. The badge ‘Made in India’ is acting as a catalyst to push us to be the masters of our own destiny. Westerners are keenly following India’ rich heritage of wellness and skin care remedies. On the other side, Indians are still following the controversial cosmetics range of products that are very harmful in long term.

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