Tips and tricks on how to colour your hair at home with Ayluna hair dye

Concealing grey hair

With Ayluna plant-based hair dyes, a beautiful, natural-looking concealing of grey can be achieved. If your hair is more than 40% grey and you want to dye it a darker shade, it is best to do a so-called pre-pigmentation. First, dye your hair with Ayluna Maroon or Copper red (process time approx. 30 minutes) and directly afterwards with the desired shade of brown.
Ayluna plant-based hair dye surrounds the hair with a shining glaze. This means that with regular application the longer hair is dyed more intensively and darker. Whoever wants to avoid this effect, just dyes the hairline more often instead.

Mixing dyes

It is possible to mix all Ayluna plant-based hair dyes as desired. Thus, you can create your very own favourite hair dye shade.

Extra care

For an extra bit of care you can add a tablespoon of hair oil (e.g. Ayluna Wondertree) to the mixture.

Avoiding stains and discolouration

Plant-based hair dye on the skin can be removed by using a mixture of oil and lemon juice. Up to two weeks after dyeing, the hair can still »bleed« (lose some colour) when wet – that’s why you should protect clothes and bedclothes from contact with wet hair.

Chemically-dyed or permed hair

Both conventional hair dyes and perms bring chemical substances into the hair and have an aggressive effect on the structure of the hair. This may lead to adverse reactions if plant-based hair dyes are applied shortly after chemical dyeing or a perm. As a general rule: always leave an interval of ten hair washes and/or 3 weeks between these treatments. Plant-based dyed hair should never be bleached.

Dyeing blond / bleaching or lightening

Dyeing blond or lightening is generally not possible with natural plant-based hair dyes.