NEW & IMPROVED formula in Jason haircare products

In response to an increased consumer demand for products with proven efficacy, JASON has reformulated some of its Everyday Hair Care Shampoos and Conditioner and has put these reformulations along with all the Therapy Thin-To-Thick range through new clinical testing. In addition to the reformulations, the post consumer resin bottles have also undergone a redesign and now have easier to open and stronger flip-tops.

Whilst JASON hair care lines already had a high repeat purchase, we are confident that these improvements will help make existing customers even more satisfied with their purchases, and with the revamped packaging and on-trend ingredients, attract a new generation of customers. Here we share with you the lines, the testing results and the hero ingredients for these new formulations.

Moisturising Aloe Vera is now Intense Moisture 80% Aloe Vera & Prickly Pear

Instrumentally tested and shown to:
∙ offer 24-hour hydration from root to tip

Reformulated with Prickly Pear
Rich in EFAs and vitamin E to nourish hair, prickly pear also possesses humectant properties which help to smooth hair and fight frizz. For those concerned with sensitivity issues, prickly pear seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is often used by those with skin and scalp sensitivities.

Restorative Biotin is now Thicken & Restore Biotin with Hyaluronic Acid

Instrumentally tested and shown to:
∙ provide 2X less breakage 
∙ create hair that looks 2x thicker and fuller in volume
∙ repair up to 72% of split ends

Reformulated with Hyaluronic Acid

An ingredient that is well-established in skincare, last year saw hyaluronic acid appearing in more and more hair care products. It helps moisturise the scalp, prevent hair from thinning and falling out. It can even increase the strand diameter of your hair and increase hair growth.

Long & Strong Jojoba is now Strong & Healthy Jojoba

Instrumentally tested and shown to:
∙ protect hair for 2x less breakage
∙ repairs up to 80% of split ends

Reformulated with Castor Oil
Castor oil has long been used as an ingredient to stimulate hair growth, moisturise the scalp and promote hair growth by stimulating circulation and offering nutrients to the roots, ease dandruff and leave hair smooth and shiny.

Smoothing Sea Kelp is now Smooth & Shine Sea Kelp with Porphyra Algae

Instrumentally tested and shown to: 
∙ provide 2X shinier hair 
∙ deliver all day frizz control
∙ repair up to 72% of split ends

Reformulated with Porphyra Algae
Rich in EFAs to help keep hair smooth and shiny looking, algae also offers a rich mineral profile, including zinc and iron, which are important for hair growth and repair.