How to apply Ayluna plant-based hair dye. Step-by-step guide

Application of Ayluna plant hair colour:

Before using the plant hair colour, the hair must be freed from any adhering residues. This means if conventional shampoos have been used up to now, you should switch to natural organic shampoos. The substances contained in conventional shampoos, silicones, parabens and petroleum derivatives, adhere to the hair and seal it.
Styling products should be avoided before colouring with herbal hair dyes. Since these usually also contain mineral oils, silicones or other film formers.
If the gray hair percentage is higher than 40% grey, pre-pigmentation is required for dark colouring. We recommend pre-pigmentation with a red shade (maroon red or copper red). This leave in for approx. 30 minutes, rinse with water and then colour directly with the desired dark tone as usual.

Before the first application please dye a test strand!

Depending on the shade, warmer or cooler shade; mix the powder with hot or warm water. Hot water supports the henna component and the hair will become more reddish.
Mix everything with a whisk to a uniform paste. To prevent it from cooling down, place the bowl in a warm water bath. Before applying the colour paste, please check the temperature (risk of burns).
Protect your clothes with a cape or towel! Stains that have arisen can only be difficult or impossible to remove.
In towel-dried hair, draw a cross parting from ear to ear and from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Briskly apply the colour paste with a dye brush strand by strand to the tip of the hair. For dyeing the hairline just apply it on the hairline. At the end apply the dye on temple, forehead and back of neck and then slightly knead it in the hair.
Now put a covering cap on and cover it with a towel turban. In case of dye residues on forehead and neck, please remove. The dye needs to be kept warm and wet. Make sure that it does not dry during process time. Process time is individual depending on the desired colour, the original colour and the hair structure.
Basically, very bright and/or damaged hair needs a shorter process time; a healthy hair structure needs a longer process time. A longer process time intensifies and saturates the colouring result (optimal process time 30 – 120 minutes).
Just rinse the plant-based hair dye out with plenty of warm water (until the water is clear). Do not use any shampoo, conditioner or hair treatment, otherwise you wash out parts of the colour. The first hair wash should be after 24-48 hours. Do not use any styling products during this time. The colour is still developing during this time (it oxidizes with the oxygen in the air). The connection between hair and plant colour is strengthenend and built up the durability on the hair.

Very IMPORTANT, nothing should be done in the first 24 hours. The colour is still developing. An unwanted shade afterwards usually disappears on itself.

Step-by-step application instruction

You will need:
• Ayluna plant-based hair dye (one package is sufficient for approx. shoulder length hair)
• a bowl for mixing
• approx. 300 ml hot water
• a fork or whisk
• old towels for covering hair and textiles
• a paint brush for applying the dye
• Natural shampoo or ghassoul (rhassoul powder or wash cream)
• disposable gloves (included in every Ayluna hair colour package)
• covering cap for the hair (included in every Ayluna hair colour package)

Step 1 — Prepare the hair In order for the plant-based hair dye to attach ideally to the hair, wash your hair with a natural cosmetic shampoo. If you nearly always use conventional hair care products, the use of our Ayluna Ghassoul products is recommended so that eventual deposits are removed and the colour can attach optimally. Do not use any care products such as conditioner before dyeing.
Step 2 — Mixing Place the Ayluna plant-based hair dye in a bowl. Slowly mix with hot water to a viscous cream (you will need approx. 300 ml for a package). The dye mixture should be creamy, but not drip. Protect your clothes with a hairdressing cape or an old towel.
Step 3 — Application When the dye has cooled down to a temperature that is comfortable for you, let’s get started. Using a paint brush, apply Ayluna plant-based hair dye strand by strand and evenly onto all the hair. Always start at the hairline. You can also »knead« the dye in, in order to cover the whole area. Done? Now put on the covering cap and cover it with a »towel turban«. Remove any dye residues from face, ears, and neck.
Step 4 — Let it soak The optimal process time for the Ayluna plant-based hair dye is between 15 minutes and two hours. By dyeing the test strand you already know how much time you need for your hair. The general rule applies: very light and/or damaged hair needs a shorter time, whereas thick, dark hair and a healthy hair structure probably need more time. Make sure that the plant-based hair dye does not dry during process time.
Step 5 — Rinsing Now rinse the plant-based hair dye out completely with plenty of warm water. While doing so, please do not use shampoo or any care products. Within 48 hours, the plant-based hair dye can develop its fullest potential. A possible tinge of green after dyeing will disappear within this time.

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