Discounts and Discount Codes Policy


Products purchased in our store using coupons and discounts are covered by the same Return and Refund Policy as products sold at a full price, please read our Returns and Refunds Policy for more details.


Discount Code gives you the right to claim a specific discount. Please use it during checkout process before making payment. You can add or remove items in your basket as well as change it’s quantity. Please, find the input field named “Discount code” under the list of products on Basket page. Enter the coupon code and click button “Apply coupon”. You should get a confirmation message saying either “COUPON CODE APPLIED SUCCESSFULLY.”. Then click “Update Cart” on the right side below the list of products to see changes applied to Basket totals. See picture below for more details:

If you use a coupon which gives you the right to qualify for a free delivery, then, after the coupon applied and basket being updated, you should see a message “YOU GET FREE DELIVERY!” just before the total price payable.

Most coupons do not apply to products which are currently on sale. Also coupons and discounts are not applied to Special Offer product sets which we already sell at a discounted price. If products in your Basket are all on sale then the price stays the same because there is no condition for price update. If your basket contains some products at full price and some at discounted price, the coupon will only work with those sold at a full price.

Imagine that, for some reasons, you forgot to use your coupon before proceeding to Checkout. There is nothing to worry about! Please immediately contact us here asking to cancel your order and saying that you forgot to apply a coupon.

We do not exchange for money any coupon which has a certain value in British Pounds.

We may use personalized coupons which may only work with your account. These coupons are non-transferrable.

Some coupons may be used multiple times whilst others are for single transaction only.

If you believe that you have a valid coupon and it’s not working for some reasons, please contact us with details of where you get this coupon from and what conditions it should have (amount of discount and conditions of use).


From time to time we may offer different types of discounts to encourage sales. It would be as a percentage or as a certain amount of money taken off the price of the product. In most cases it will not work in conjunction with other coupons or discounts.

Discounts always shown during a limited period of time.

Free postage offered for orders of £20 or more (or same value in other currencies) applies to products purchased at discounted price as well, but still it must be higher than £20 after the discount to qualify for a free delivery. A minimum of £20 applies to orders shipped within the United Kingdom territory. Please see our Delivery Rates page for other destinations and minimum order amounts to qualify for free delivery.