When unexpected happened...

Please read this carefully before placing any order for damaged items.

While the nature of damage may be different, we understand that in some cases it is still possible to make such products available for sale at a reduced price.

This collection is dedicated to items which can be sold as warehouse damage, given as much product description and images are provided to you so you can make your own decision on whether to purchase this item or not.

We are open to your questions regarding any item from this collection and it's condition, however we accept no responsibility for product quality and no returns will be accepted as these items are sold as seen.

Types of Warehouse damaged items

In most cases damage is related to packaging or label. In this case price may only be reduced to a maximum of 15%.

When item is marked as "Opened" it means that lid or cork had been accidentally opened during transportation and, in some cases, content had leaked out. The percentage of loss will be stated and reflected in product price.

Please bear in mind that product which had been opened the expiry date starts from the moment it had been opened so please buy only if you are sure that you will consume this item before expiration date or at least happy with its shortened life period.

Should you have any questions about damaged items, please feel free to contact us via messaging service which can be found in the bottom left corner of your mobile phone screen, or via Contact Us form which can be found here.

Product availability

We sell damaged items only if and when they are available. In most cases there is only one item, so please bear in mind that this can be sold at any time.